About Us

Located in Dayton, Ohio, our firm serves clients throughout the state as well as out-of-state clients who are dealing with an Ohio probate matter. Our focus is on educating those we serve about Ohio probate, answering their questions, and offering guidance at every step of the process.

The tasks involved in probating an estate can be daunting, especially for those who have never been through it before. We are committed to relieving anxiety around the probate process and to helping Ohioans through an often-challenging time in their lives.

Experienced Guidance through Ohio Probate

Because we concentrate our practice exclusively in probate, estate planning, and related areas, we handle many probate cases and are well equipped to deal with attendant issues, such as estate tax concerns. Our lawyers are experienced in all probate matters, and include an Ohio State Bar Certified Specialist in Estate, Trust, and Probate Law. Fewer than two hundred out of Ohio's thousands of attorneys have achieved that designation, due to the stringent requirements for certification.

In addition to our depth of legal knowledge and experience and in probate matters, we have a deep commitment to personal service. Probate involves many laws, regulations, legal processes and business details, but at its heart it concerns people who have suffered a loss. We know we cannot ease that loss, but we can help lift the burden of legal and business concerns from our clients' shoulders so they can move forward with their lives.